New caMoodle Glossary

Today, I visited the new glossary available for CA students. I thought it was very neat and a good way to help us learn more efficiently. Part of the reason for the previous claim is because there are games now available. One of the many games I tried today was Tic Tac Toe as shown above.
The game consists of clicking on one of the squares and then, a question is provided on the left hand side, if the answer is right, its an “O”, but if the answer is wrong, its an “X”. According to the number of right and wrong answers, it determines whether the player will get a straight line or not.
This new glossary is good because it provides a new way for students to learn. We can then learn and have fun at the same time.

I also went to the new “Protected: New Triple A Resource “An Introduction to Economics”” today. i think its very useful. i will definitely go back to it before the exams as i think this contains all the information required to learn for the exams along with visuals that simply help readers better understand thus, more efficiently.

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