Globalization Debate Reflections

During the debate, I learned many things, not only from my side (negative, which stated that globalization does not encourage a country’s economic growth) but as well as on the opposite side that was positive. I personally believe that globalization is good for a country for it brings internationality and enrichment as there is a different culture and flow of new ideas introduced in the country. However, I discovered several arguments that could go against it as I researched on the negative side. For instance, exploitation and culture washed away were two of our great examples. Because a variety of people are working outside their country in industries whose goal is to produce a big amount of products with a low price and as a consequence, the workers are paid with a very low salary with healthy insecurities and so on. Additionally, countries’ cultures are washed away as foreign cultures and ideas are introduced in the country and eventually blend in with the original culture. I believe those two arguments were quite effective. 

Nevertheless, I think the opposite team had very good arguments as well including the introduction of better ideas from the foreign countries into your country. For example, for myself, an International student living outside her homecountry, am able to maintain the comfort of wearing my own clothes in a foreign country so I would not have to wear an uneasy outfit such as the kimono in Japan. Also, the opposite team put emphasis on specialization and as a result, countries are able to trade with each other to bring out the goods they specialize in as they both have the least opportunity costs when producing that particular good. Free trade among nations enrich their culture and GDP as a whole.

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